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My goal is to be able to educate the everyday individual with the necessary knowledge & tools to succeed in navigating the cryptocurrency markets.

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What Is Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis is a trading discipline employed to evaluate assets and identify trading opportunities by analyzing statistical trends gathered from trading activity, such as price movement and volume. Unlike fundamental analysts, who attempt to evaluate an assets intrinsic value, technical analysts focus on patterns of price movements, trading signals and various other analytical charting tools to evaluate a assets strength or weakness.

What Does It take To Learn How To Trade?

Technical Analysis is the first step to learn how to trade. In order to correctly trade one must learn to identify changes in the market through analyzing the technicals that appear on charts.

Technical Analysis is not perfectly accurate, but it helps a trader understand where a market may be going and can help form logical assumptions about an asset.

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1. My analysis style

I base a lot of my analysis off of volume. Volume is the only predictive method that is not lagging, volume precedes price so I try to focus my time on volume studies.

That being said there is so many factors that go into an assets movement, I look at all aspects of technical analysis and weigh everything from momentum, strength, Elliot waves, & exhaustion cycles.

2. Analysis Education

Technical Analysis is constantly evolving. Even though one may have a good handle on technical analysis it is very important to continually learn and understand how markets move.

My analysis courses help the everyday individual not only understand the complex nature of an assets movement but are also updated to stay current with new techniques.

3. There is no easy way to make money with trading

My approach to teaching people is not to hand them trades or an easy get rich scheme.

I prefer to teach individuals the knowledge needed for them to make their own conclusions and trades. There is far too many “gurus” in this industry that hardly have an understanding of their own analysis. It is very important that you always take other peoples opinions (including my own) as exactly that. Opinions.

Focus your time and energy on arming yourself with the knowledge every person should have if they are navigating markets.

4. Exclusive content for members

Upon logging into my site you will discover a plethora of material to begin your education into Technical Analysis. Take advantage of it and learn to form your own knowledge base.

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Alpha Indicators

Get my custom built indicators to step up your analysis


Book a 1 Hour One-on-One

Spend one hour on a video call with me to go over whatever you would like


Advanced Trading Course

Take your skills to the next level with my multiple trading courses


My Approach

As an experienced analyst my approach with people new to technical analysis and trading is different than your typical trader. I prefer to educate people on the art of technical analysis and trading rather than hand them calls to blindly follow. I would rather teach you to fish than catch the fish for you.

One thing to understand is that trading or analysis is not easy, there is no quick way to become a professional. What most people fail to understand is that even professional traders struggle on a regular basis with trades gone wrong and must constantly identify and improve where they went wrong.

When I sit down with my students I focus on not only the knowledge you require to do analysis but also the habits that most people don’t even realize they have that affect trading. Even the best analyst in the world can lose money consistently if they don’t learn to control things like emotion when the market goes opposite of their analysis.

There is so many aspects that go into trading, technical analysis is just one. I’ve always said you can be a bad analyst but still be a profitable trader. Hopefully I can lead you into creating your own style of analysis that is accurate so you can not only be good at analyzing the market but be a profitable trader based on your own assessments.


“I consider myself really lucky to have found Nick Core and hire him as my trading mentor. When I started working with Nick I knew nothing about how to be a profitable trader and had very little understanding of price action trading or how to read indicators to form a proper analysis. Within a relatively short period of time I have come so far and feel so much more confident in my trade set ups. The difference is night and day.

Not only is Nick very smart but he is able to explain things in a way that will make sense to you even if you are new to trading. He is also patient and understanding if you are struggling to understand a concept. He has consistently over delivered and I highly recommend him or any of his products to anyone looking to learn trading at any level.”

Bryan Vennard

I already bought indicators off of “YouTube stars“ and attended several training’s but none of them improved my game as much as those from Nick. He is always spot on and you feel his clarity due to his tremendous experience in every statement he makes.

Nick made me look at markets differently – more data driven canceling out Twitter and YouTube noise. His approach of enabling me to make my own decisions and trust them resonates with me strongly. For that he brings a skill not many have: listening. In his coaching session he takes his time to understand at which point you are as a trader and what is a reasonable next step for you. Key to success in my opinion.

The result: Not only has my win rate improved but he also gave me more confidence in my setups which reduced my stress level of trading significantly.

But what makes Nick Core an outstanding person to me is his character – he is down to earth, he cares for others and he has great humor which makes me enjoy every session with him.

Nick – Thank you for all your passion and support!

Christian Unger

When I first sent a message to Nick I didn’t expect what was about to begin: A serious, well guided trading mentor-ship and tutoring program with a solid know how.

I always thank him for his time because the partnership goes beyond the commercial agreements. He’s goal is 100% to make you a better trader from inside out, learning from him means that you go through cleaning your psychological ghosts that keep you away from your discipline targets, challenging you to apply cutting edge trading mechanisms and finally mastering as he says, “connecting all parts of the puzzle and creating your own profitable path through the charts.”

Finally I’d like to express a big gratitude to his work, a big thanks to share your fantastic TA knowledge and let’s keep pushing! #tradesafe

Alexandre Gelli Mattheis

Trading is a constant learning process. We can never stop learning or think we know enough. Learning the methodology of Nick’s TA has become an asset to my own trading fundamentals. The private mentoring from Nick is invaluable and has helped me to broaden my understanding on trading as a whole, and especially as it relates to crypto currency trading.

I highly recommend to anyone who is serious about bringing their trading up to the next level to consult with Nick. And for those who are just getting started, don’t make the mistake of losing precious time by searching the thousands of so called ‘experts’ who know how to tell you what you ‘should have done’ in historical chart data. Get the basic, the intermediate, and the advanced cornerstones of your trading foundation in place with someone who is well seasoned as an expert in this industry.

No trader makes 100% accurate trades, but having a highly skilled mentor will help your profitable trades outweigh the expected losses. Get on board with Nick and allow him to spot your trading weaknesses as he has mine, and let him help you see through all the clutter of charting and analysis.

Best investment I’ve made in this life-skill I continue to develop.

James Dollahan

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